Growth Credit Partners

Flexible and impactful credit solutions
for growth companies.

Credit Solutions for Growth Acceleration

Growth Credit Partners (GCP) is a credit investment firm that partners with best-in-class growth companies. GCP provides customized credit and hybrid capital solutions to tech-enabled companies with predictable revenue or collateral.




European Growth Debt

GCP is a dedicated European Growth Debt fund which aims to generate attractive yield and equity upside from an underserved market.

Non Dilutive Growth Capital

GCP provides tech-enabled companies with non- or less dilutive growth capital. Many late-stage growth companies are mature and predictable enough to take on debt rather than diluting the founders with additional equity rounds.

Strong Downside and Credit Protections

GCP only invests in companies with strong credit profiles backed by 1) underlying physical or financial assets 2) predictable, recurring revenue streams and 3) proven unit economics. All investments in the fund enjoy a full set of contractual downside and credit protections.

ESG Credentials

The strategy has fundamentally strong ESG credentials. The borrower universe of European growth companies has often been founded with a strong ESG mission in mind and GCP actively promotes environmental, social characteristics and good governance in its investments.

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